What if one of the best days of your life suddenly turned into one of your worst nightmares?

And what if you were forced to relive that same day again and again? From Director Craig

Singer (

Dark Ride, Perkins 14, Animal Room

) comes a pulse-pounding, time-looping

psychological thriller about a dream vacation gone very, very bad.

Bobby Patterson (Michael Reed) is taking one last romantic shot at saving his rocky relationship

with his girlfriend, Jules Rables (Augie Duke) on a weekend getaway to the picturesque island

resort of Bog Grove. To their bewilderment, the sleepy beach town is curiously deserted, but

they soon learn about its notorious and bloody history – one that's about to repeat itself again

and again...

The pair’s relationship issues are quickly cast aside in order to overcome a demented cycle of

terror in which they’re seemingly trapped. And no matter what great lengths they take to avoid

it, Bobby and Jules awake at 6:45 each morning to a nightmarish chain of events with no


Written by Robert Dean Klein

(Little Fish, Strange Pond,

A Good Night To Die)


I was an executive with Disney, and while it’s a far cry from family-friendly cartoons or happy

endings, I had long thought about developing a

Groundhog Day

-type horror film. I've always

been fascinated by the supernatural and the psychological and where the two intersect.

My longtime writing partner Robert Dean Klein and I began working



Michael spent the majority of his adolescent life a military brat, moving around the US and

Germany. After receiving his undergraduate in Theater, Michael decided to focus on his love of

film. His first feature found him in Michigan, where he froze his butt off. Vowing to himself a

warmer environment, Michael moved to NYC for three years, then north to Rhode Island for

nine years. Smart. Currently residing in Los Angeles, where Michael finally found blue skies and

vitamin delta in spades. Happy and driven, the future is his oyster.


A talented actress known as the “It Girl of the Indies”, Augie Duke has appeared in numerous

films, TV shows and shorts spanning the last decade. She starred in many horror features

including the much-loved Bad Kids Go To Hell, The Badger Game and Spring. Augie played Joan

Jett in the Amazon Original series “Red Oaks”. She also played Steve McQueen’s wife Neile

Adams in Chasing Bullitt. She won Best Actress for the feature Burning Ketucky at the

Mammoth Film Festival.

Augie recently earned rave reviews for playing lead in Angelica Zollo’s feature Trauma is a Time

Machine. LA Times wrote “Zollo, and her daring lead actress, Duke, create a courageously

personal, experimental piece, tapping into a raw emotional state not often rendered on the

screen with such depth and intelligence.”


Armen is an actor and writer known for The Departed (2006), The Wolf of Wall Street (2013),

and American Hustle (2013).


Thomas G. Waites was born on January 8, 1955 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is an actor and

director, known for The Thing (1982), And Justice for All (1979), Money Train (1995) and is

perhaps most well-known for his role in the cult classic film The Warriors (1979).


Allie Marshall is a New York based SAG actress and producer, born and raised in Rhode Island.

She recently wrapped her acting role in the film "6:45" which she is an associate producer on,

and is currently working on its post production stage. Her work can be seen on Lifetime,

Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube, and local theaters. Allie started college and set out to be an

athletic trainer at the age of 16 after skipping a year of high school. She stumbled into her

unknown passion of acting, making her film debut as Erica in "Almost Mercy” on Netflix. From

there, she immediately changed her career path and began training her craft. She completed

her first year of acting with 17 credits to her name. Allie's spirit lives in acting, but when she

isn't in front of the camera, she can be found producing, writing, and telling corny jokes on set.

To view Allie's reel, footage, or to learn more about her, visit her website

RAY MANCINI (Detective Presley)

Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini was born on March 4, 1961 in Youngstown, Ohio, as Raymond

Michael Mancini. He is an actor and producer, known for 6:45, Timebomb (1991) and Who's the

Boss? (1984)

THE 45 KING (Mark)

Mark Howard James (born October 16, 1961) professionally known as The 45 King, is an

American hip hop record producer and disc jockey (DJ) from The Bronx borough of New York

City. The 45 King first gained fame with his breakbeat track The 900 in 1987. He was also

featured on the 1989-Hustlers Convention album on the UK label Music of Life, which is

considered by many to be hip-hop's first-ever live album. The 45 King's big break came when

Queen Latifah signed with Tommy Boy Records in 1989 and released the album All Hail the

Queen. The 45 King did extensive production on this album, and it is considered by critics to be

among his best production work. In 1998, The 45 King produced Hard Knock Life (Ghetto

Anthem) for Jay-Z. The song was a hit that featured a looped chorus from the original cast

album of the Broadway musical Annie. In 2000, he produced the platinum- certified track for


REMY MA (Cassi)

The legacy of Remy Ma is as tightly woven into the fabric of hip-hop history as a bass line. Over

the course of nearly two decades, Remy has impacted rap music both near and far, setting a bar

for how artists of all genders should approach the art form. However, we lost her physical

presence for nearly half of her career span—a story she details in her long-awaited second solo

album 7 Winters and 6 Summers. The Bronx-bred Grammy-nominated legend delivers a brand

new iteration of Remy Ma, one who is not only integral to the foundation of hip-hop music, but

is elevating it as one of the brightest yet timeless stars in the game.


Directed by:

Craig Singer

Written by:

Robert Dean Klein

Produced by:

Craig Singer

Co-produced by:

Michael Reed, Augie Duke

Associate Produced by:

Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, Robert Dean Klein, Allie Marshall

Executive Produced by:

Ray Mancini, Paul Cene, Donald Basile, PhD, Gurpreet Chandhoke, Roy

DiMaggio, Maria Jorjezian, Elisabeth Costa De Beauregard, Philip Kim


Lucas Pitassi


Sam Adelman


Marshall Grupp


Kostas Christide



After directing, writing and producing several Award Winning shorts and feature films (one

starring Neil Patrick Harris, fresh off Doogie Howser fame), Singer went on to found FanLib and

My2Centences, companies that predicted the integration of film with internet and social media.

In 2008 he sold the companies to The Walt Disney Company, where he took a creative VP role -

Disney Online Originals develops and produces series for Disney Online's sites and brands

including and Disney Family.

A dynamic, Emmy nominated, award-winning filmmaker and new media executive - Singer is a

results-driven, strategic thinker and media visionary with decades-long media expertise. Known

as a creative leader and clear communicator with an innate ability to identify and resolve

problems with a trust building empowering management style. Singer has a proven record of

successful launch strategies with an exemplary record of leading creative teams for small to

large privately-held and public companies.

Singer has been recognized for comfortably interfacing at all levels of a vast global network and

was nominated for an Emmy in the interactive fiction category in 2008. Singer's series have also

been honored many times by both the Tellys and Webbys.


Robert Dean Klein has written over seventy screenplays, thirteen of which have been produced.

His first, “A GOOD NIGHT TO DIE”, was a semi-finalist in the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship

Competition. That film later premiered at the 2003 Tribeca Film Festival, starring Michael

Rapaport and Debrorah Harry. Three years later, his film “DARK RIDE”, was distributed by

Lionsgate, terrifying audiences across the country. Another of his films, “FRENEMY” (aka “LITTLE

FISH, STRANGE POND”), which Klein wrote and co-produced, starring Zach Galifiankis and

Matthew Modine, was also widely distributed by Lionsgate. Klein was hired by Michael Douglas’

production company, Furthur Films, to pen two film projects - the first, a modern take on the

writing of Damon Runyon. Most recently, he was hired to co-write “STREET TAX”, a Philadelphia

mob film based on real events

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