“En La Sala” is a brand-new multimedia podcast hosted and curated by Becky G, exclusively available on Amazon Music with corresponding video on Amazon Music’s Twitch channel. Each week, Becky G will be joined by some of the biggest names in music and entertainment, her familia and friends, to discuss Latinx pride, women empowerment, LGBTQ+ rights, relationships, politics and sports, all while unpacking the most important issues facing the Latinx community today. Becky created and produced the podcast together with Rocio Guerrero, global head of Latin music for Amazon Music, and with Diana Dotel of Gema Productions, a fellow Latinx creator who shared Becky’s goal of developing a podcast that would not only be informative and engaging but also a platform for Latinx voices and other marginalized communities. Developed by Amazon Music and Gema Productions, Becky G has also dedicated each episode to a non-profit organization related to the theme of the week, with a corresponding donation.

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“En La Sala”

In this episode, Becky G also speaks with Ferrera about She Se Puede, the brand-new non-profit the actress and activist founded to pursue social justice and support civic engagement for Latinas. This episode will also be dedicated to the Latino Community Foundation, because “En La Sala,” you can't just talk about it - you have to be about it too.

“When I created ‘En La Sala,’ I wanted to make sure that the podcast not only hosted tough discussions about the issues that matter to the Latinx community but also that public figures like Senator Kamala Harris were taking part in these conversations,” said Becky G. “It’s so vital that politicians and policymakers hear the voice of our community and understand the issues we’re facing in 2020. The conversation I had with Kamala was lively — believe me, we spilled the cafecito — and I’m honored to share our conversation with my fans and the wider Latinx community.”



This week’s episode of superstar musician Becky G’s podcast, “En La Sala,” will center around the theme of “Voting,” and feature candid conversations with guests including Senator Kamala Harris, and actress America Ferrera. Airing on Tuesday, 10/6 exclusively on Amazon Music with corresponding video on Amazon Music’s Twitch Channel, the episode will feature an in-depth conversation with Sen. Harris about her record as District Attorney of San Francisco and Attorney General of California, the importance of voting in 2020, and other issues facing the Latinx community in 2020. A wide-ranging and substantive discussion, the episode doesn’t shy away from any topic — Becky even presses Harris for her favorite 2Pac lyrics, following Sen. Harris’ recent comments about the rapper.