In ​Latinx writer Leah McKendrick’s film, Liza's desperate search to fit in gets her wrapped up in a tangle of lies and ill-informed emulation. As her charade crumbles, she learns that imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery, but finds solace in the most unlikely of places.

The theme of isolation and loneliness in the film are particularly resonant right now during the Covid-19 crisis, a time of unprecedented forced separation.

The Feminocentric project is led by an Award-winning all-women team:

Writer, Director, Producer, Director of Photography

• Leah McKendrick most recently wrote Summer Lovin', the Grease prequel; Pamela & Ivy is available to watch at M.F.A. is streaming free on Amazon Prime.

• Aubrey Smyth is an Award-winning director who won the Grand Prize at Moet Moment Film Festival.

• Katie Rosin is an Award-winning producer and publicist.

• Chloe Smolkin won Excellence in Cinematography from Brightside Film Festival.

• Danielle Beckmann was recently signed to Affinity Artists and Cutler Management.

The film stars Danielle Beckmann (Eat Our Feelings) as Liza, Daniel Fox (In My Skin) as Milton, Rafael Sardina (War of the Worlds) as Diego, Malikha Mallette (Daredevil) as Kris, Lida Darmian (The Place We Live) as Carmen, Sharon Gallardo (Live from the Drive) as Esperanza, and Jane Geller as Susan.







Kampire Films PR

LIZA ANONYMOUS is produced by Katie Rosin, Danielle Beckmann, Aubrey Smyth, and Daniel Ornitz. The Director of Photography is Chloe Smolkin (Isolated Incident), Production Designer is Daniel Ornitz (BUCK), Costume Designer is Keely Bembry (Top Five), First AD is Catriona Rubenis-Stevens (Feeling Through), Composer is Joanna Katcher (It's Not a Burden: The Humor and Heartache of Raising Elderly Parents), Editor is Samantha Smith (Aish Divine: BBC), Sound Recordist is Vera Quispe (The Subject), and Makeup Artist is Gianna Gutierrez (Snatched). Casting by Kristen Paladino (Robot & Frank) and Publicity by Katie Rosin/Kampfire PR. The indie band, Satellite Mode provided the song "Click Now".