Mini_ian kids label has created an art fashion item with teddies bear to express their feelings through art and play. In the honor of the kids during COVID-19 pandemic.

The photo is a cooperation of both Mini_ian and photographer Richard TerBorg

This piece was created by fashion designer Lola Cuello, owner of the Mini_ian kids label. The photo is a cooperation of both Lola Cuello and photographer Richard TerBorg

The item has been put together with Teddy bears of different sizes and colors, creating a structure with different volumes. In addition, some of the bears wear masks to cover their faces and thus free the children's. Children reflect an attitude of melancholy and uncertainty. The designer wanted to use a very classic element in a child's childhood, teddy bears. Along with the stuffed animals we can appreciate the classic maroon corduroy fabric, thus closing a classic and very childish look.

In the face of fear and uncertainty, children have been forced to stay at home during this most crucial time of their lives, in hopes of stopping the spread of COVID-19.

They have been robbed of their freedom, of playing in the streets and parks with their friends, of going to school, while constantly feeling the anxiety and frustrations of their caregivers. This can be terribly tough on kids, especially the youngest children, like babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners.

Children express their thoughts and feelings through art and play. They engage in creative outlets to share their experiences, relieve stress and work through what occurs in their lives. Children lack the developmental ability and life experience to understand, verbally express and process difficult, adverse or traumatic experiences. For that reason freedom of creative expression and play, is so very important.

Over 168 millions of children have lost almost a year of school and human interaction because of COVID-19, and we believe this problem has received far too little attention. That is why we wanted to create this strong piece of art, based on clothes, focusing exclusively on them: the little children.

About Mini_ian:

Mini_ian is an Spanish children & baby clothing brand based in the Netherlands.

Lola Cuello, passionate about art and fashion studied fashion in Barcelona, ​​it is there where she started her fashion career.

After a few years she decides to start a life again outside his ISLAND (Mallorca) moving to The Netherlands.

Once there and after the birth of her son Ian, she created a children's clothing brand, MINI_IAN.

For Mini_ian it is important to stay in a market that respects the environment, where productions are not made in masse, only local (Europe).

The kids label always works with children who enjoy photos and / or videos of our fashion campaigns but above all Mini_ian works for the integration of children with special needs.

Designer :

Lola Cuello


Richard Terborg

About Richard Terborg:

Richard Terborg is a people photographer in every sense of the term. A practicing photographer with two decades of experience, he loves human-based images as they allow him to develop an emotional connection with the people he photographs. When he films for a client, he constantly seeks a balance between sharpening the vision of the client's report and adding his own artistic and personal touch to the project. Terborg is deeply involved in the world of art in general, be it music, fine arts or fashion.