Photographer: Nadezhda Hope Boginya

Mua: Maria Kochelorov

“The basis of Micheline Wedderburn- MEESH inspiration is always her mother Joan Dorothy Chung. She honour her on her work in every way that she can. In Ebb + Flow, MEESH wanted to have as many women of colour as possible to highlight the beauty in different forms. It’s a beauty that is overlooked often and replaced with our strength and resilience. The last year and a half, MEESH realized a lot about the racist world we live in and how it’s hard to rely on a lot of people. It has been a lot more Ebb than Flow. MEESH made a lot of this collection in isolation and grappling with how Black lives don’t seem to matter to a lot of people. She also really missed her kids (Aidan, Sawyer and Mannix) who are also a wealth of inspiration for her. This collection came from all of that frustration and sadness.

The design process for this started small. She decided to experiment with making earrings with hot glue and felt like a human 3D printer, so she decided to expand into bags and eventually came clothes.

The pieces range from $20 to $250

The collection, consists of tulle and 96% hot glue. A lot of glue sticks were harmed in the creation of this line. It was an isolating process at times, but Micheline Wedderburn was happy with how everything turned out. The colour themes for this line were yellow, Tiffany blue, lavender and her signature black and white look that she has used in her past collections, Duality and Matter.

Photographer: Leah den Bok

Model : Brent Williams from Massardo Model Managment

Stylist: Lisa Kovacs

Makeup Artist: Adam Oaknine


Fashion Art Toronto