While Madaleine Nelson was designing her Spring/Summer 2021 collection she never thought it would come to fruition the way it did, “I was just designing because I was bored in my room and had nothing better to do due to the April 2020 COVID lockdown in Canada” Madeleine said. As a 22 year old designer, this was her first time being in Fashion Art Toronto and her first collection as a young fashion and textile designer. “Everything is handmade in my bedroom, so every order is unique in it’s own way.” The fabric is hand chosen, the printed fabric is designed by her and then printed. She wants people to know that their orders are made with love!” Madaleine’s inspiration for her collection comes from her love of having fun and her belief of being unapologetically yourself, “I want the modern woman to wear my clothes and feel like she can do anything! Whether she goes to work, lounges around the house, goes out on the town, or just wants to spin around in a pretty dress all day!”

With bold colours and prints, Madaleine Nelson wanted her collection to have spring/summer staples that can be worn for years, “A buttoned blouse will never go out of style and combining that in an eccentric orange colour means you have the perfect statement piece!” Madaleine said that she wanted this collection to be flowy and playful to let the colours and prints do the talking.


Alyssa Lancaster


Kayla Daniel

Madaleine’s pieces range from $200 - $500. The collection is made from light weight satin fabrics. The main colours in the collection are an electric orange, lime green, royal blue, and hot pink. Madaleine claims that she is drawn to those colours and can never seem to get enough of them. Madaleine Nelson’s clothing comes in sizes 8 - 22, but she does do custom work since everything is handmade.

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